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The work with gliders in Germany by the Lilienthal brothers, Otto and Gustav (), was, arguably, the most important aerial effort prior to that of the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville.

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Apr 01, · Lilienthal Glider on display in the Early Flight gallery at the National Mall building. The most significant pre-Wright brothers aeronautical experimenter was the .

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Otto Lilienthal was a German aviation expert, credited with being the first person in history for making multiple successful gliding flights. Lilienthal was born to a middle class family in Prussia (now part of Germany) in and attended grammar school in Anklam.

Otto Lilienthal, (born May 23, , Anklam, Prussia [now in Germany]—died Aug. 10, , Berlin), German aviation pioneer. Lilienthal was the most significant aeronautical pioneer in the years between the advancements of the Englishman George Cayley and the American Wright brothers. The first successful heavier-than-air craft were unpowered gliders. In , British engineer George Cayley built the world’s first real glider. It carried his terrified servant on a short flight across a small valley before crash-landing. Later, in the s, Otto Lilienthal of Germany built a .
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Otto Lilienthal >With the design and construction of his first working glider, Otto >Lilienthal () bestowed a sense of viability and respectability on >the young science of aviation. Lilienthal flew thousands of flights on >gliders he designed based on careful observations of birds.

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Otto Lilienthal: The Glider King. Together, they built the first of several working gliders. Otto flew the Derwitzer Glider for the first time in Brandenburg, in The glider was an extension of his earlier “strap-on wing” plans and had a total wingspan of just over 7 metres. It flew over a distance of 25 metres. Otto Lilienthal () To glide is to fly. Before , attempts to develop airplanes and gliders were occasional and sporadic. Otto Lilienthal changed all that. He was able to make sustained and replicable flights for the first time in history. Photographs of Lilienthal in flight were famous worldwide.

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Aug 16, · German engineer, Otto Lilienthal, studied aerodynamics and worked to design a glider that would fly. Otto Lilienthal was the first person to design a glider that could fly a person and was able to fly long Mary Bellis. The flying knowledge of aerial pioneers like German inventor Otto Lilienthal led directly to the Wright brothers' first flights. Starting in , Lilienthal and his brother built monoplane and biplane gliders with arched, bat-like wings.

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Otto Lilienthal () made approx 2, successful glides in , mostly in monoplane 'hang-gliders' of the type shown with this model, During this time, incredibly, he flew distances of up to ft. Prior to this, Lilienthal had built two biplane gliders in and Aug 08, · Otto Lilienthal was the King of Gliders. A mechanical engineer by profession, Lilienthal was the first in history to design and successfully fly gliders. Though Lilienthal studied engineering, aerospace studies remained his hobby and passion.
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First controlled flights, Otto Lilienthal of Germany. His gliders have many features in common with modern hang gliders; they were foot-launched and controlled by displacing the center of gravity, referred to as 'weight-shift'. – First soaring flights. Germany, near Berlin at Gross Lichterfelde. Otto Lilienthal. , February Apr 20, · The gliders were the “first successfully manned aircraft” ever to be created and Lilienthal’s contributions to the development of airplanes should not be underestimated. He is widely considered the most important contributor to aerodynamic research preceding the Wright Brothers and his influence on the public imagination turned flying Author: Gina Dimuro.

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